Wintersteiger Bike Service


Wintersteiger Bike Service is a division of Anything Technical Limited, a long established family run independent business in the winter sports and outdoor industry supplying both small businesses and large commercial businesses. We have a small showroom in our Kendal based office with examples of  our products.

We are here to help you through the whole process from initial enquiry through to final installation. We can identify which machines will best suit your needs, making sure that all your requirements are met.

Our systems are easy to self or contractor install, or we offer support for bigger projects where more complex planning and installation is required.

Wintersteiger Bike Service products are the ideal solution for cleaning, lubricating and sanitising  E-bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes or city bikes.

Your investment in a cleaning system can be used to generate a new income stream, ensure all bikes being serviced are hygienic, all bikes being transported are clean, prolong the life of bikes and make servicing much simpler .

Contact Us

In order to make an enquiry and find out more about Wintersteiger Bike Service products and the services we can offer to help you, please contact us via our contact form.